Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust - Franchise

Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust - Franchise
Category : Beauty & Health Investment: Rs. 20 Lac - Rs. 30 Lac

Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust Franchise Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust We welcome you to experience the healing essence of Ayurveda at ArogyaSiri situated at Mysore, the city of Palace. Ayu’ means longevity which also means lifespan – the period of life from the womb to the tomb. But the Vedas define ayu as events that an individual has to face from the day of fertilization to death. Since each routine event can be anticipated and planned by following vedic recommendations, an ideal life can be lead. This takes us to understand the definition of Ayurveda as the science of life. ‘Veda’ means Knowledge and it is said that the Almighty god is the propagator of all kinds of knowledge. The celestials or heaven dwellers first took this knowledge (Devas) and later brought down to the Earth level by sages or Rishis who had super human powers to attune their minds to the celestial level by meditating in silence. Since this entire Vedic tradition is composed of highly spiritual wisdom and pure knowledge revealed through the hearts of enlightened Rishis, Vedas are considered aporasheya, which means not a creation, made by the mind of man but rather unfolded in the hearts of meditative minds. These Rishis used to meditate in mountain caves and jungles distant from civilization. This Vedic wisdom was imparted to disciples who came to quench their thirst for knowledge and later eminent students divided this knowledge into four sections namely – Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda more than 5000 years ago. The Vedas has been passed down to us in sutras or small phrases and the wisdom they contain is there to be unlocked by the inquiring mind. When looked at these Vedas, we find sutras on healing in a majority in Atharva Veda and to a small extent in Rigveda. These sutras were compiled together and given the name Ayurveda. Also in the Bhawad Gita the characteristics of food is explained as anything which provides Ayu – longevity, Arogya – health, Bhala – Strength, Sukha – Happiness and Preethi – Compassion is only fit for human consumption.  Also, our Rishis practiced such methods explained in the Vedas for food production and by-and-large this was the way we produced and ate before Chemical induced farming came into picture couple of decades ago. Basic Principles of Ayurveda Read the franchise requirements below and become a Franchisee today.

Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust - Franchise Investment Details

Commenced Dates

Date Commenced Operations 2013
Date Commenced Franchising / Distribution 2016

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Area Investment Franchise/Brand Fee Royalty/Commission
Store Wise Rs. 20lac - 30lac    

Expansion Locations

South South, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
Union Territories  

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Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust - Franchise

Arogyasiri Ayurveda Trust - Franchise

Category : Beauty & Health
Area Req :
Franchise Outlets :
Investment: Rs. 20 Lac - Rs. 30 Lac

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