Franchise Training

Franchise Training
By Franchising Business Opportunities In India Posted On November 08th, 2017

Training is one of the most important aspects that will help you acquire the required skills to run a franchise. It solely depends upon the quality of training that you are getting which will decide the future of your business in the future.

Operations Manual:

The most important aspect of any training program includes the operations manual. It is a circular in which various steps of developing a franchise program are mentioned.

It is written in a very simple language keeping in mind the franchisee has no or limited knowledge of the particular franchise. It describes each and every step of operating the franchise in a very simple language. A good and extensive operations manual is a key to success.

Even though Operations manual is a step by step guide to deal with the franchise and will be an assistant to you. Otherwise, franchisee provides you with the following types of training:

Headquarters Training, Onsite Training and Ongoing Training
Headquarters Training :

It is the training that you will receive at the franchise headquarters by the highly skilled and experienced staff and will help you understand the ABC of the franchise. This training is often provided before starting the franchise program. All the required theoretical training is provided at this step.

Onsite Training :

This is the training program that is held at the Franchisee’s site and is like a practical training. In this training, you will do each and everything practically that you learned during the Headquarters training.

Ongoing Training :

This training is provided to keep the employees updated with all the new strategies of the franchise. This is ultimately important because one should keep on learning to ensure the success in the competitive world. It is also given to the new employees so that are hired later on during the functioning of a franchise.