Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service
By Franchising Business Opportunities In India Posted On November 08th, 2017


Franchising roots gives the details provided and developed by content partners, advertiser and software developers. Franchising roots do not have any control on the preciseness of the information on our pages. The material on the franchise website may have some errors and neither do we make any assurances nor are we responsible for any type of information including content, currency, quality or any damage.

Franchising roots will provide some links to some external sites within the content which is convenient to the users. We do not make any exhibit about the performance of the website whose links are provides.



Franchising roots are not liable for the functionality, content, its genuineness or technological safety of the external sites. We can disable the links from the third party sites to our website.We do not perform any kind of investigation of the business listing sites before or after including them in the directory listings available on our website. Neither do we represent nor take any responsibility of the content that the third parties submit to get listed on these directories.


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You need to utilize discretion when you browse the worldwide web. Franchising roots have the right to make any sort of improvements or rectify errors in any of the sites. We can update the information that is present on the website in a timely manner.We are not liable for any irrelevancy, accuracy, legality of the materials that are there in the websites that are linked externally.