STORE99 - Franchise

STORE99 - Franchise
Category : Retail Investment: Rs. 10 Lac - Rs. 20 Lac

Store 99 Franchise   Vision: NNGR has identified the Retail Business as a thrust area and has imbibed a Vision Statement to follow its dreams. Its Vision is an overriding idea focused towards positioning the future of the company in the retail industry serving as a blueprint for the development of brand Store-99. "To Become the Most valuable Retailer In The Industry" The vision embodies quality, character and value. The company encompasses "MAXIMUM VALUE DELIVERY TO THEIR SHARE HOLDERS, THEIR EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS, ASSOCIATES AND TO THE INDUSTRY". Mission: The Mission statement of Ninety Nine General Retail is as follows: Services and Products: Should be of good quality, the very best we can provide. We refuse to offer a product or service in which we do not believe and can not take personal pride, that is why products at Store-99 goes through a rigorous quality check before getting a Store-99 brand. We will always offer maximum value for every rupee spent by our customers. Read franchise Requirements below and become a Franchisee Today

STORE99 - Franchise Investment Details

Investments Includes:

  Franchise Fee   2,50,000
  Equipments   Computer with bar code scanner
  Furniture and Fixtures   shelves
  Advertising / Marketing   national and local marketing activities

  Capital Investment required 10-12 lacs     Expected Payback Period:   1.5     Expected ROI:   40%      Any other Investment needed:

STORE99 - Franchise Training Details

Franchise Training Program:

  Training Program available for the franchisee
  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees

Franchise Training Venue:     Head Office   Franchise available in Regions:


Area/Site Preference:     Commercial,Mall / Super Market   Minimum Floor Area needed:     1000  Term of Franchise Agreement:     Franchise Agreement is renewable Other Important Points

  Minimum Guarantee given
  Facility provided   Computer with bar code scanner
  Master Franchise Available
 Site Select Help given


STORE99 - Franchise Property Details

STORE99 - Franchise Other Details

STORE99 - Franchise

STORE99 - Franchise

Category : Retail
Area Req :
Franchise Outlets :
Investment: Rs. 10 Lac - Rs. 20 Lac

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