Orange Mint - Franchise

Orange Mint - Franchise
Category : Food and Beverage Investment: Rs. 30 Lac - Rs. 50 Lac Less than 10

Orange Mint Franchise About:  Orange Mint started operations in Thane, Maharashtra and soon became a popular sheesha lounge among patrons. A unique lounge concept, Orange Mint offers refreshing ambience to party or hang out with friends while enjoying a wide variety of flavoured sheesha preparations. Orange Mint offers a great way to socialize with friends, meet new people or relish on exciting hookah flavours.


Orange mint's rich green leaves are oval in shape and grow on striking green to burgundy square stems. When allowed to flower this mint hybrid cross produces white and pink spiked blooms from mid- to late summer. Highly aromatic Orange mint tends to be stronger in flavor than many other varieties of mint with notes of citrus and spice with lavender undertones. Its aromatic properties are enhanced when bruised.


Orange mint is typically available during the spring and summer months.

Current Facts

Orange mint, also known as Bergamot mint or eau de cologne mint is a member of the Lamiaceae or Labiate family and scientifically known as Mentha x piperita citrata. Orange mint is a hybrid variety of mint grown for its fragrant leaves. Similar to other varieties of mint, Orange mint is a natural attractant of pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies. An oil extracted from Orange mint is commonly utilized for its aromatic properties and adding scent to perfumes and soaps.


The flavor of Orange mint works best in fresh preparations. Use chopped in fruit or grain salads. Add minced leaves to dressings, vinegars, jellies and sauces. Its flavor is excellent in cream, fruit and chocolate based dessert preparations such as ice cream, crème brule and tarts. Orange mint can be used as a flavor infuser for teas, cocktails and lemonade. Whole leaves may also be used as a garnish for sweet desserts and certain savory dishes.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Orange mint is believed to be one of the secret ingredients in true Chartreuse liquor, an herbal French liquor made up of 130 secret herbs, plants and flowers produced by Carthusian Monks since 1737.


Native to Europe Orange mint has long been utilized for its aromatic properties, both in culinary applications and as a deodorant for rooms, tables and the body. This perennial herb is easy to grow and will thrive when given moist soil and moderate to full sun exposure. The roots of Orange mint are vigorous growers and tend to be invasive when planted in an open garden. To prevent spreading of mint, plant in pots or buried vessels within a garden bed. People have spotted Orange Mint using the Specialty Produce app for iPhone and Android. Produce Spotting allows you to share your produce discoveries with your neighbors and the world! Is your market carrying green dragon apples? Is a chef doing things with shaved fennel that are out of this world? Pinpoint your location annonymously through the Specialty Produce App and let others know about unique flavors that are around them. Read the Franchise today and become a Franchisee today. Orange Mint Franchise  

Orange Mint - Franchise Investment Details

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Rs. 30lac - 50lac



Expansion Locations


North, New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh


South, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh


East, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa


West, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa


Central, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand

Union Territories

Union Territories, Andaman & Nicobar, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu

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Orange Mint - Franchise

Orange Mint - Franchise

Category : Food and Beverage
Area Req :
Franchise Outlets : Less than 10
Investment: Rs. 30 Lac - Rs. 50 Lac

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